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Una vez más la naturaleza está presente en mis colleciones. Esta vez os presento pendientes en los que plasmo antiguas ilistraciones botánicas sobre pequeños azulejos. La mayoría de éstas están hechas por Linneo o su equipo.
Echando la vista atrás hacia la historia nos encontramos a Linneo, éste fue un personaje sueco que clasificó muchas especies de plantas. Especialmente importante fue en las expediciones europeas a nuevos lugares como América. De hecho su sistema de clasificación todavía perdura y es el que usamos en la actualidad.

Espero que os gusten!

One more time nature is present in my collections. Now old plant illustrations will take part of my tile earrings. Most of them were made by Linnaeus or his team.  
Looking back into history we find Linnaeus was a Swedish personage who classified many species of plants, especially important was in the European expeditions to new places such as America. Actually his classification system still persists and is the one we used to classify our plants.

Many stories may be found about maple, regarding history ,folk and health.
The maple leaf has served as a symbol celebrating the nature and environment of what is now Canada since the 18th century.
Sugar maple was a vital resource to early North American settlers.
A Swiss folklore tells us that a number of dwarfs who used to sit on the branch of a Maple tree watching the haymaking. One night those with nothing to do cut through the branch making it dangerous to sit upon. When the dwarves came to sit on the branch they fell to the floor. The people laughed at them and the dwarves never returned to the place.
Also maple is said to bring success and abundance.

These special earrings made of white clay are 3.5 cm (1.36in) length, the tiles are approximately 1.2 X1.5cm (0.46X0.58 in). The tile design is on both sides 

Sunflower has been and still is an important plant for life. It takes part into many cultures main food.
Due to such importance many miths has been atributed to them.

The sunflower is often believed to promise warmth, nourishment and power (a cheerful thought ...), with the gift of a dwarf sunflower signifying a ‘devout admirer’.

In China the sunflower was used to symbolise longevity .

North American Indians placed bowls of sunflowers seeds on the graves of their dead to ‘nourish them’ on their long journey ...
In Central and North America they have been used to make dye, oil for food and even medicine ...

The word sunflower comes from the Greek ‘Helianthus’ ( ‘Helios’ meaning ‘sun’ and ‘anthos’ meaning flower) and it is Greek mythology provides us with the story of the origin of the sunflower ...

There was once a water-nymph called Clytie who fell in love with the God of the Sun Apollo. She was so much in love that she would sit on the ground and stare up at the sun all day long ... but Apollo never returned her love.

She sat all day long, upon the cold ground, following the path of the sun al day long. For nine days eating no food and taking nothing to drink ... in fact pining away ... Her limbs rooted into the ground, whilst her face became the flower, continuing to following the course of the sun throughout the day ... in love with the sun just as Clytie was with Apollo ...

These earrings are 3 cm (1.17in) length, the tiles are approximately 1.3 X1.2cm (0.5X0.46 in). The tile design is on both side.
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Dianthusa- Vintage style jewelry handmade in Paris specializes in handmade felt and tiles pieces. Always looking for the simplicity and a vintage style.

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